Minneapolis-based MOCON Inc. has announced new technology that provides more accurate headspace oxygen readings of food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging.

MOCON said its new OpTech®-O2 Model P test system uses a patent-pending Pressure Needle™ and a sensor to automatically measure internal package pressure and calculate the correct oxygen reading. Internal pressure directly impacts the accuracy of the oxygen reading, the company said.

According to MOCON, the instrument is particularly useful for small packages (e.g., blister packs) because actions—such as inserting the needle—can easily affect the internal pressure.

OpTech®-O2 technology uses an optical sensor that gives off light in relation to the amount of oxygen in the packaging, said MOCON. The OpTech-O2 Model P is also useful for measuring oxygen permeation rates down to 1cc/(m2∙day), added the company.

Vice President Douglas J. Lindemann said:

“Meeting shelf life objectives are critical to companies marketing perishable products. Pharmaceutical firms want to make sure that headspace oxygen doesn’t negatively impact efficacy, while food companies want consumers to experience fresh, wholesome products. Getting accurate oxygen readings is critical to meeting those objectives. The OpTech-O2 Model P, when used with the Pressure Needle, provides automatic, accurate results in cases when internal package pressure was skewing the outcome.”

h/t: http://www.packagingeurope.com/Packaging-Europe-News/63656/Mocon-Unveils-New-Testing-Instrument.html

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