Viva Healthcare Packaging has announced a new holographic tube for beauty and cosmetic packaging. Called Diamond Hologram, the pattern is one of several holographic designs available for packaging creams, gels, lotions or viscous liquids. The designs are intended to give a premium look to beauty and cosmetic packaging for more affordable products.

Viva Healthcare’s manufacturing process incorporates photo-quality graphics on in-mold labels on injection-molded tubes. The packages feature a front-facing flip-top closure. All of the packaging components—tube, label and closure—are made of polypropylene, making, the tube recyclable in programs that accept number five plastics.

All three components can be made and assembled in the same facility. The company currently has three manufacturing plants serving different regions: North America (in Toronto), Europe (in Poland) and Asia-Pacific (in Hong Kong).

A holographic Viva Healthcare tube made for Bodycology moisturizing body cream won a 2014 AmeriStar award and a 2015 WorldStar award for packaging innovation in the Health & Beauty Aids category.

The new Diamond Hologram tube will be on display at the upcoming Luxe Pack New York in booth C209.


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