Belgian fruit importer Special Fruit has introduced new, resealable fruit packaging for its BerryFresh line in response to growing consumer interest in berries as an on-the-go snack. The packaging includes new labels, topseals, shakers and punnets, and will be used for delivering blueberries and strawberries. Special Fruit claims that the resealable packaging extends shelf life and preserves the quality of the berries.

Purchase Director Ben Maes believes that consumers now view soft fruit as a daily snack rather than an “exclusive specialty.” Special Fruit states that sales across berry categories have been steadily increasing in part due to societal impulses towards healthy eating.

Maes said:

“In light of these developments, we have re-assessed the packaging requirements that will prepare BerryFresh for a healthy future. We have developed new labels, topseals, shakers and punnets to reflect a unique market move. Improved functionality and consumer convenience includes resealable topseals and shakers, for those in between snacking moments, and the flexibility to include new varieties when they appear.”


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