Fruitables Pet Food has launched its BioActive Fresh Mouth pet snacks in innovative packaging — a flexible, flat-bottom bag with side gussets. The all-natural premium dog treat company partnered with Excel Packaging to produce the new bag.

Fruitables CEO Kevin Swenke said that the bag’s design went through an extensive planning process before printing. “The BioActive design had some very specific design elements, colors and gradients in combination with flat and glossy treatments that we wanted to make sure and get right on the first print so we went through a few more steps in pre-press,” he said.

According to Kevin Young, president of Consumer Goods Packaging, Mondi, North America, more and more companies are adopting flexible packaging because the format allows “eye-popping graphics” on the entire package. In our recent feature on flexible packaging trends, Young explains that flexible packaging like the Fruitables bag provides companies with “more room to tell their stories.”

Swenke said:

“For us, we used the fairly new format to communicate a lot of information on the bag. That flat-bottom bag gives a beautiful front and back panel, we went to this format and a Velcro zipper. People love the feel of It [Velcro], and we find we get a higher percentage of consumers that close the bag.”


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