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Organic cleaning products company Greenology has switched to sugarcane-based HDPE bottles. Its new eco friendly packaging goes hand in hand with the brand’s commitment to creating products “Made with the utmost concern for People, Pets and our precious Planet!”
According to Braskem, the material supply company responsible for the new material, 2.14 pounds of carbon dioxide is captured from the atmosphere for every pound of sugarcane resin produced, making it a carbon-negative material.
Greenology first approached Braskem with its idea to use sugarcane-based plastic in 2013.

“Like most suppliers, we had been using petroleum-based HDPE resin, but we made a conscious decision as a company to change the source material so that we would be better stewards of our global environment,” said Greenology President and Founder Adam McCarthy.

Braskem was able to meet the request with its “drop-in” plastic, or bio-based material that features the same properties and functionalities as a fossil-based material and can be processed, used, recycled, and recovered in the same way as conventional PE. As a result, Greenology was able to continue using the same bottle molds it had been using previously.


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  1. Saiju Abraham November 8, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Good morning Sir,

    we need eco friendly bottles for laundry detergent packing.


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