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In conjunction with Noble Environmental Technologies and Lucky Buddha Beer, Walmart has launched a sustainable end-cap retail display made with Noble’s ECOR bio-based materials. The eco-friendly point-of-purchase display is part of Walmart’s initiative to use more sustainable in-store marketing materials.

Manuel Gomez, vice president of sustainability for Wal-Mart stores, told Packaging World:

“In 2005, Walmart took on the three aspirational sustainability goals that encompass all areas of our operations and products, including energy, waste, and sustainable products. Since those goals were communicated, we’ve aggressively worked to address waste in our own operations as well as in the products we sell and associated packaging. That’s why we’re pleased Lucky Buddha Beer has worked with Noble Environmental Technologies to develop this sustainable point-of-purchase display that will appear in select U.S. Walmart stores and will support our commitment to reach zero waste to landfill by 2025 in our operations.”

In addition to being environmentally conscious, ECOR’s cellulose fiber-based material is durable. It can last over one year in-store without breaking down or fraying.


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