Greenville, S.C.-based VariBlend has added a new two-in-one dispenser to its line of innovative packaging solutions. The new “50-50” dual chamber dispenser allows two ingredients to remain separated until the moment of application and is available in single or dual nozzle.

President and CEO Robert Brands said:

“Priming our new ’50-50’ dispenser is as easy as one-two-three. The consumer simply turns the dispenser head to prime, continues to the left, to prime again then on at a dedicated ‘50-50’ position. Press the soft-touch, ergonomically advanced actuator and the dispenser delivers efficient evacuation of both ingredients in an even, or fixed, ’50-50’ proportion with 100 percent of the output per stroke. With this latest addition to our portfolio, our customers understand that one word is all you need to know for all their dual-dispensing needs: VariBlend.”

The company recommends the new dispenser for health categories including skin care, sunless tanning and hair care. VariBlend calls itself the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology—which appears to be a recent trend in the health and beauty packaging industry.


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