Contract packager PCI has partnered with Muskegon, Michigan-based Smart Vision Lights to design a new custom LED light for automated inspection of pharmaceutical packaging. Smart Vision developed the new TL305 light for inspecting highly reflective surfaces.

PCI had been searching for LED lighting to improve its machine vision automated package inspection systems across all products and package types. The light needed to provide even illumination without “hot spots”—bright reflections that may confuse the machine vision software.

According to PCI, the TL305 delivers light from an on-axis architecture that is supplemented by an array of off-axis illumination. Smart Vision designed the light to complement direct lighting with matching intensity of off-axis lighting that provides combined diffuse light source architecture. Smart Vision also provided PCI with the controls to set the intensity of both the on- and off-axis lights, so that PCI could adjust them as necessary.

Smart Vision also designed the light to work with various substrates (not just foil), including clear PVC, clear Aclar, opaque PVC, tinted PVC, as well as Alu-Alu or “cold-formed” high-barrier foils, PCI said.


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