Mondi North America, Consumer Goods Packaging has introduced a new packaging solution for children’s food and beverage products: spouted pouches with choke-avoidance caps.

The pouches’ large caps are designed to deter swallowing. But even if swallowed, the cap’s unique shape and structure still allows air to pass through. The cap is also designed to be easy for children to handle and open.

Markus Hoedebeck, Vice President of Product Development, Mondi Jackson said:

“Mondi’s spouted pouches with choke-avoidance caps set high standards for safety and reliability. The pouches offer convenience and reassurance for busy parents and allow children to easily access and more safely consume food products under parental supervision.”

In addition to its safety features, the new pouch’s level of customization effectively communicates brand identity, according to Mondi. It can be printed in up to 10 colors, applied with matte finishes and customized via shape and add-on features. Pouches are available in 50-gram to 200-gram sizes.


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