Cabo Chips recently updated its packaging design to embody the brand’s Mexican origins. Design firm ROOK was challenged to create a contemporary design with vibrant colors that reflects the brand’s personality.

The chip packages come in four styles, each with its own color and design: original (yellow), mango chili lime (green), blue corn (blue) and churro (purple). Each flavor’s design contains a consistent graphic of the arch of Cabo San Lucas. Each design also features its own, larger graphic to accompany the arch. For example, the churro-flavor packaging design showcases a maracas graphic.

ROOK Founder Mark Christou said:

“The approach needed to be different: Not stereotypically authentic, not symbolic, but expressive. We wanted to create a sense of place for Cabo Chips that reflects the experience of Baja through lifestyle, emotion and energy. It’s not about simplifying a complex origin into a single symbol, icon or style, but about communicating Baja’s depth, richness and mood in an expressive and layered way.”


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