WestRock Company has launched its HiMark® CR Nasal Pump, a new pharma packaging solution for nasal medications. The company said it considered patient insights during the package’s development in order to achieve a better usage experience for consumers.

According to WestRock, its consumer research resulted in specific packaging features. Visual and tactile elements communicate how to use the device. The closure provides an audible sign that the bottle has been securely closed. Opening does not require much precision, simplifying the packaging for seniors. However, a child-resistant feature in the pump prevents children from releasing the product, even if the cap is gone.

WestRock said it developed the child-resistant features ahead of new regulations from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The regulations require child-resistant packaging for OTC and prescription drug products containing imidazolines, which are commonly found in nasal sprays.

The pharma packaging solution is now available for nasal medications in pharmacies across the US.

The HiMark® CR Nasal Pump demonstrates the current trend of child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging that is still easy-to-open, particularly for senior citizens. Other recent examples of this design approach include the Medi-CRREO Child-Resistant Pouch and Rollprint’s Peelable Exponent™.

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/package-component/closures/westrock-nasal-pump

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