Cedar Grove, N.J.-based David’s Cookies has upgraded its packaging technology to a Bosch Pack 101 wrapper.

The company—maker of premium fresh-baked cookies, brownies, muffins, cheese cakes, frozen doughs and other pastry items—had been experiencing significant growth and needed to upgrade its wrapping system to keep up with consumer demand.

According to Director of Maintenance Efraim Korn, David’s Cookies considered several options before purchasing a new system. Korn said the company recruited Bob Fournier, packaging systems sales agent at Jaffco Packaging Machinery, Inc., to help them decide on a new machine. After visiting the bakery’s facilities, Fournier recommended the Model Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapping equipment from Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.

The Bosch Pack is the next-generation version of David’s Cookies’ previous Doboy Super Mustang machinery.

Korn said:

“With this new wrapper we are able to run twice as fast as before. Depending on the product, we now have the capability to run up to 90 pieces per minute, but so far have never run over 80 PPM. Our current average is 65 PPM. The wrapper runs continuously and consistently delivers uniformly perfect seals with almost no downtime. It’s also very flexible. Set-up for new items is quick and easy.”

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/machinery/bagging-amp-formfillseal/horizontal-flow-wrapper-single-serve-baked-goods

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