Napa-based Beringer Vineyards’ new POS display, the Taste Station, lets consumers sample wine flavors without a staffed sample-tasting table. The shelf-mounted display provides alcohol-free flavor strips, allowing solo sampling right at the point of purchase, encouraging sales in the moment.

The individually-wrapped flavor strips are dispensed one at a time from the Taste Station. The strip dissolves on the tongue, releasing flavor. Each display also includes a slot for waste. The flavor strips come in three varieties: Chardonnay, White Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Elizabeth Hooker, director of public relations at Beringer brand owner Treasury Wine Estates said:

“[The strips are packaged using a] packaging machine that was designed and custom built for the Taste Station program. It is similar to packaging used in the pharmaceutical and personal-care industries but [with] a specifically modified packaging line with customized tooling to allow for the product’s unique packaging.”

Research shows that a significant number of consumers do not feel confident about selecting wine and are concerned that they won’t enjoy their choice when they get it home. Beringer hopes that its Taste Station will attract new customers by through this new sampling technique.


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