This Super Bowl, Bud Light will debut a new bottle for its “Up For Whatever” campaign. The idea behind the new beer packaging: a sense of spontaneity. The campaign will target millennials for their preference of product differentiation and desire for spontaneous and exciting nightlife.

Over 100 different messages in the theme of spontaneity will appear on the new labels, such as:

“The perfect beer for leaving your comfort zone in another time zone.”


“The perfect beer for taking off the blindfold and showing that piñata who’s boss.”

VP of Bud Light Alex Lambrech hopes the beer packaging will be effective in associating the brand with a youthful and adventurous lifestyle.

“Our fans will truly need to be ‘Up for Whatever’ when they’re enjoying a Bud Light out on the town. We think they’ll have fun doing the ideas printed on our bottles. And people who prove themselves to be ‘Up for Whatever’ may just end up in a Bud Light ad somewhere, or enjoying a completely unexpected, unforgettable experience,” he said.


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