Modesto, California-based Noah’s Water has launched a new eco-friendly packaging for its Noah’s Spring Water—a 24-ounce “Cap Can” aluminum bottle from Rexam.

According to Noah’s Water, it chose the Cap Can for the packaging’s environmentally friendly properties. Not only is the can 100 percent recyclable, but it also provides an alternative for municipalities and campuses with plastic container bans, Noah’s said. The package’s re-sealable closure from Dayton Systems Group (DSG) makes the package reusable, and its aluminum keeps water cold for longer, according to Noah’s.

The Cap Can provides a 360-degree canvas to showcase the Noah’s Spring Water brand. Its label points out the water’s 8.4 pH quality. The package’s blue background contrasts with its white, yellow and silver highlights.

Tony J. Varni, president of Varni Brothers Corp., Noah’s Water’s parent company, said:

“There are so many reasons why this Rexam package just makes sense for our unique spring water. It provides a generous 24-ounce portion that is re-sealable so it can be taken on the go and reused. Refillable aluminum bottles can cost anywhere from $5 to $20, and they don’t come with anything inside of them. This Noah’s Spring Water retails for under $2, and it contains the best natural spring water available.”


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