Clondalkin Kirchberg, the Switzerland-based subsidiary of Clondalkin Group, has developed an aluminum-free butter wrap, thereby offering a more sustainable packaging option for dairy, according to the company.

The company offers the new PE-based “foil” for butter packaging as an alternative to aluminum or aluminum-based laminates, which have previously provided the best dead-fold required for application on filling lines. According to Clondalkin Kirchberg, its new film-based alternative provides all the benefits of aluminum laminates, in addition to providing improved sustainability.

Clondalkin Kirchberg Commercial Director Sander Kool said:

“The environmental impact of packaging is at the forefront of the leading brands decision making processes. Our customers are constantly seeking more environmental friendly solutions as a result of consumer demand. These requirements mean that we must look at reducing the carbon footprint of our product range, down-gauge materials, reduce waste, consider the ease of recyclability, and introduce alternative materials. This is now central to our business operation and the products that we develop.”

According to the company, the new butter wrap can be printed in up to 10 colors and provides excellent dead fold, allowing it to run on filling lines.


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