Las Vegas-based Zapne LLC has launched its new acne treatment with an innovative package design and formulation. The acne treatment set consists of a product-infused towelette and a pre-measured mask formula. Four once-a-week treatments are packaged in one carton.

Zapne packaged the towelette in a foil packet. The mask ingredients come in two separate packets—Zapne powder packets A and B—and must be mixed prior to use. The A packet contains a powder consisting of natural sponge (spongilla lacustris), natural sericin, natural white willow bark, brown seaweed, organic green tea, organic ginger root and chamomile, according to the company. The B packet contains three percent hydrogen peroxide and water.

The consumer first prepares the face with a towelette, which is infused with the active ingredient salicylic acid 0.5%, according to Zapne. Then, he or she mixes the contents from packets A and B together to create the mask, which is applied to the face and allowed to dry for 15 minutes.

Zapne co-founder Ebbie Nakhjavani said:

“Zapne’s superior results are attributable not only to its amazing anti-microbials, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, but to its unique delivery system that harnesses the power of spicules from the Russian sponge. This releases more of Zapne’s power to restore the follicle, calm acne, and reduce associated scarring.”


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