Nestlé Waters North America has announced plans to increase its recycled packaging content in several of its Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water bottles in 2016. The company said it will increase recycled content usage in its products by 38 percent and ensure that most of its bottles contain up to 50 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

Nestlé Waters North America Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Tim Brown said:

“Arrowhead has been part of California history for more than a century. We are continuously evolving our products to have the smallest environmental footprint possible. Thanks to California’s strong commitment to recycling, there is high quality rPET available, enabling us to increase our use of recycled material.”

Arrowhead has partnered with Los Angeles-based CarbonLITE Industries LLC to obtain the rPET material, which primarily comes from California. According to CarbonLITE founder and CEO Leon Farahnik, Arrowhead will eliminate 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year by using the recycled materials.

This announcement echoes what Jim Markano, Head of Procurement for Nestlé Waters North America, told us in our recent Ask the Chief Packaging Officer”  feature. He shared his insights on sustainable packaging and how it connects to consumer interest. In the interview, Markano noted that his company has light-weighted its bottles and introduced recycled PET materials as part of its sustainability efforts.

He said that Nestlé Waters is actively working to get greater recycled PET content into its packaging because the company believes it is the right thing to do. He also stressed that the average person could help packaging evolve by recycling more.


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