Wood may not be the first material that comes to mind as packaging for a line of luxury, organic skin products for babies. Yet wooden caps made of PEFC-certified ash filled the bill for Little Butterfly London when stained in their soft green signature color and polished silky smooth.  Technotraf Wood Packaging, a Quadpack Group company, created the caps.

Little Butterfly London was founded by a mom, Gudrun Wurm, who wasn’t happy with the quality of existing skin products for her infant. Her organic line is ECO-CERT certified.

Wurm told brandpackaging.com that she found Technotraf during a trade fair in New York.

 “I never would have considered wood before, but Technotraf explained just how perfectly it could complement our packaging”, she explained. “When I discovered that it could also be colored, I was convinced. And I’m glad with my decision: The caps look absolutely stunning.”


For more information go to: http://littlebutterflyorganic.com/


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