Thanks to a collaboration between ALPLA and MuCell Extrusion, Unilever was able to sell select products with 15% less plastic in their packaging last April. The environmentally-conscious packaging was used for Dove Body Wash bottles in Europe and is hailed as having the potential to save up to 275 tons of plastic per year. The technology is called MuCell Technology for Extrusion Blow Moulding, utilizing gas-injection to reduce both bottle density and the amount of plastic required. In a move aimed at promoting the use of more sustainable practices in the packaging industry, Paul Howells, Vice President R&D Packaging at Unilever, announced plans to waive exclusivity rights to the technology.

“There’s only so much that Unilever can achieve on our own; and by opening up access to other manufacturers we will really start to see an impact. We very much hope that our peers in the industry will take advantage of this technology too and apply it to their products,” he told Business Standard.

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