Classic salt brand, Morton Salt, are bringing a contemporary design to their line of Sea Salt Rubs. In business since 1948, the classic brand is known for their iconic Morton Salt Girl logo. While the Morton Salt Girl won’t be changing, she’ll now have a revamped, sleek-waisted, flip top cylinder to call her home.

For the redesign, Morton Salt called upon Berlin Packaging and its design division, Studio One Eleven. The final product is a sleek-waisted cylinder with a full-body shrink wrap label. But the redesign was not solely for aesthetic purposes. A flip top closure was incorporated for easy, one-hand usage so that consumers can easily add seasoning while they roast, grill, pan fry or bake any kind of meat or fish product.  Studio One Eleven decided on this design after contextual research on consumer preferences. The new packaging will debut on Morton Salt’s three salt blends – Cracked Peppercorn, Italian Roasted Garlic and Herb and Southwest BBQ.

The new Sea Salt Rub packaging was designed by Studio One Eleven so that they would fit comfortably into modern spice racks. Further, the plastics used in the manufacturing of the new packaging are derived from PET. Consumers might also notice that the shape of the new package is proportionately reminiscent of traditional salt and pepper grinders. Incorporating Morton Salt’s traditional dark blue color, the flip top lid will match the shrink wrap label. The cap will come equipped with five 0.3-in. holes and an articulated hinge to allow easy spreading and one-handed open-and-shut capabilities.

Debuting in December of 2015, Morton’s three Sea Salt Rub flavors have been a hit with consumers. Morton’s Salt believes that the new packaging redesign will help them gain a visual advantage on store shelves while looking at home in a kitchen or on a backyard patio space.


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