Lean Cuisine has repositioned itself as a brand for women’s wellness. The brand’s new recipes and modern packaging focus less on dieting and more on overall heath.

Lean Cuisine said it listened to feedback from hundreds of women on the ways in which they shop and eat. The brand’s research found that women want more artisanal, ethnic meals with a variety of attributes, as well as simple but bold packaging that stands out on shelves.

The research revealed four “food moods” that influence women’s choices. The company used these distinctions to create four new sub-lines: Marketplace, Craveables, Comfort and Favorites.

Lean Cuisine’s modern packaging features bold colors and food photography. Each of the four new line extensions has its own design to distinguish itself from the others. Lean Cuisine implemented these changes to simplify the meal selection process for consumers.

Nestlé Prepared Foods President Jeff Hamilton said:

“Through our deep experience and research, we understand that Americans are highly individualized when it comes to food preferences. With this relaunch, we’re bringing our expertise to the creation of modern recipes and offering the choices women have told us they want. But what you’ve always counted on from the Lean Cuisine brand—the great tasting food coupled with responsible nutrition—that hasn’t changed at all.”

h/t: http://www.packagingstrategies.com/articles/88168-lean-cuisine-transforms-from-the-inside-out

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