Chicago Bar Co. has created a simple, modern packaging design for its RXBAR protein bars. The Chicago-based company takes—in its own words—a “No B.S.” approach to its products’ ingredients. It uses only whole foods and no artificial protein. The new packaging design displays the product’s ingredient list—and not much more.

The modern packaging design ditches the logo, tagline, and images from the previous wrapper. Four whole food ingredients appear underlined, set against a solid-colored background. The last item on the list simply reads, “No B.S.” The small new logo is tucked away at the top of the bar in all-caps. The flavor and the copy “12 g. protein bar” appear in gold letters. A minimalist illustration (of a fruit, in most cases) differentiates each variety.

Co-founder Jared Smith said:

“We’ve always been 100-percent committed to using only whole food ingredients in our bars. Up until now, we listed those ingredients on the back of our wrappers like everybody else, like they’re a secret. But we’re not like everybody else. We don’t have secrets. We’re the only whole food protein bar out there—No B.S.—and we figured it’s time we started saying that out loud.”

The seven protein bar varieties each has its own design color, ingredient list and simple icon. The company plans to launch the new packaging in September at Protein Bar food chains, Treasure Island, Schnucks, Heinen’s Grocery Store, Hy-Vee, Wegmans and Amazon.


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