McDonald’s has introduced new functional packaging designed for bicyclists. Named “McBike,” the takeout container features a hook that allows it to hang from a bicycle’s handlebars.

Argentina-based ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires designed the bike-friendly packaging.

According to McDonald’s, the recyclable cardboard container securely holds an entire meal including a burger, fries and a drink. The packaging holds the burgers and fries in separate compartments designed to maintain the food in an upright position during the entire bike ride. The drink fits into a round hole at the bottom of the package.

Walter Ioli of Tribal Buenos Aires said:

“McDonald’s is trying to reach a new segment. We found that the bike was one of the preferred means of transportation for millennials, so it was important that McDonald’s adapts to the new habits of its consumers.”

McDonald’s has launched the McBike packaging in Copenhagen, Denmark and Medellin, Colombia. The fast food company plans to bring the takeout packaging to additional bike-centric cities, including Tokyo and Amsterdam.


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