The award-winning MARTINI Asti sparkling wine has implemented a strategic redesign to make its 150-year old bottle more eco-friendly. Following a process that began in 2010, the bottle now weighs two ounces less but retains its classic shape. Simona Filosi, senior packaging developer at MARTINI, told Greener Package:

“Today, when you compare the old and new bottles side by side, you cannot tell any difference in terms of shape. However, by reducing the glass weight, we reduce the energy required to make the bottles.”

The eco-friendly bottle redesign is one of many sustainability initiatives piloted by MARTINI, as the company has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30 percent, solid waste by nearly 7 percent, and water use by nearly 4 percent over the past eight years.

A Bacardi product, the brand is included within the Bacardi Limited Global Sustainability Program, which aims to focus on responsible sourcing, operational efficiencies, and global packaging, according to the company.

MARTINI says that the energy savings from these lighter-weight glasses is equivalent to taking 330 cars off the road in one year.


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