Langhorne, Penna.-based Hybrid Software has announced an addition to its Cloudflow suite of label and packaging software — Cloudflow RIP (routing information protocol).

The new RIP will be launched at an open house held by Belgian manufacturer ThermoFlexX. Hybrid will demonstrate the RIP interfaced with ThermoFlexX digital flexo plate imagers.

Chairman Guido Van der Schueren said:

“Being an integral part of our comprehensive Cloudflow suite of products, the RIP can take full advantage of the distributed architecture of Cloudflow to achieve extremely efficient productivity. As with all of our Cloudflow products the new RIP runs on the server and the user can control it via a web browser.”

According to Hybrid Software, the new RIP supports flexo platemaking, providing sophisticated screening and calibration control facilities. Cloudflow RIP also supports object-based screening, enabling users to have full control over the ripping process, said the company.

The RIP generates TIFF output and incorporates an integrated dot viewer—which Hybrid said allows easy inspection of the generated output, with tools to measure density, angles and lines per inch resolution. Files can be checked in either separated or composite mode, added Hybrid.


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  1. Sean June 10, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    “RIP” does not stand for “routing information protocol”
    A “RIP” is a “Raster Image Processor” a method whereby vector artwork is converted to pixels that an output device such as a printer or plate imager.


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