Limited edition CÎROC X features luxury packaging inspired from the vodka brand’s blue circle icon.

CÎROC created the limited edition vodka to celebrate the brand’s ten year anniversary. CÎROC appointed RP/NYC Design House to create packaging that would exude a sense of luxury while also elevating its entire line of products.

CÎROC prides itself on being the world’s first and only vodka made exclusively from French grapes. RP/NYC took inspiration directly from the original CÎROC bottle— its rich blue circle icon, which represents its trademark ingredient. The resulting luxury packaging is an enlarged, 3-D version of the blue circle. A silver metal band wraps around the circumference of the clear, blue glass packaging.

RP/NYC also designed a white minimalist box for the bottle. The secondary packaging has round cut-outs to fully display the bottle’s round front and back. The front of the bottle features an anniversary logo in silver ink. The designers kept the type at a minimum to keep the focus on the product and its packaging.


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