Across the globe, 2 billion people already eat protein, vitamin and mineral-rich bugs, as they are accessible, inexpensive, and environmentally responsible to cultivate and prepare. Meanwhile, to Americans and other Westerners in developed economies, the idea of eating insects may be a bit hard to stomach. Belgian start-up “SexyFood” wants to use packaging to change the perceptions many hold about the ick factor of eating insects by re-branding the food as a high-end snack. SexyFood will be packaging the insect food in black and gold cans with a number design, an homage to Chanel’s iconic perfume bottles. The intention is to present insects as a luxury, original item. In an interview with Fast Coexist, package designer Steven van Boxtel said:

“The idea was to give a mysterious feeling. In our culture, it’s not usual to eat insects, so to present it as normal food would be a little bit too obvious. Our culture also sees it as a little bit disgusting. The idea was to avoid that and present it like an experience.”


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