Eco-friendly packaging tubeCan you boost sustainability without requiring brand owners or consumers to change their behavior? That’s what Silgan Plastics hopes to do with its eco-friendly packaging.

The secret’s in the resin – or lack of it, the company said. Silgan reported its new polyethylene tubes require far less resin to produce than the typical tube. They come with low-profile snap-on heads that are compatible with polypropylene flip-top closures made by Italian manufacturer Giflor and sourced by TricorBraun. The tube closure is a new, low-profile model that weighs 50 percent less than a traditional closure with a similar diameter.

Silgan claimed the resulting tube weighs up to 30 percent less than traditional tubes, improving efficiency. It projected that this eco-friendly packaging would provide a savings of more than 10,000 pounds of plastic per million tubes produced. Savings depend upon tube length and the tube/closure combination that is used.


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