Little Spoon Organic, LLC has partnered with Little Big Brands to create a brand identity and new food packaging for its Babyblends product. The packaging includes a spoon in the lid for convenient on-the-go feeding.

The San Francisco-based company said that it uses a high-pressure preservative process that locks nutrients and flavors into its baby food. Little Spoon makes Babyblends from organic, locally-farmed, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, the company added.

The brand name comes from the idea that spoon-feeding helps a baby develop vital oral and motor skills. Each variety features a geometric pattern designed from its respective ingredients.

Little Big Brands partner Pamela Long said:

“This is all about appealing to mom or dad and communicating this is real food for a little person. Your child isn’t old enough at this stage to be asserting an opinion or preference on products, so this brand was created with what parents want to feed their children in mind.”

The 2015 Foodservice Packaging Institute Trends Report identifies on-the-go packaging as an industry trend. Recently, on-the-go packages such as the BerryFresh re-sealable fruit punnet and Skippy’s clear P.B. Bites snack container have been released across a variety of food categories.


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