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A new liquor bottle concept uses a 3D package design to increase visual and tactile appeal at shelf. The 1.75-liter polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle for a fictionalized brand,  “Hard to Port,” features a sculpted octopus draped over its shoulder and side. The octopus design is not only raised but also rendered and engraved with etched details. A finger hole is molded into the bottle’s neck and decorated with textural embellishments to further highlight the tactile appeal. Rick Rangler, senior designer for ScorCreative at Amcor, the Michigan-based structural design studio responsible, said:

“Our goal with this concept design was to go beyond traditional etching and engraving and open up our customers’ eyes to the possibilities. We want to help them see beyond a traditional logo on the bottle and instead create a canvas for artwork.”

ScorCreative used proprietary software and modified applications from the automotive, gaming, motion picture and animation industries to create the liquor bottle design. 

“This breakthrough design delivers etching and engraving that isn’t possible with traditional 3-D modeling software. The concept bottle highlights Amcor’s drive to push the boundaries of PET and typical package constraints by utilizing cutting edge technology,” said Greg Hurley, a senior designer at ScorCreative.

The bottle earned the design team a bronze award at the 2014 Pentawards worldwide packaging design competition. ScorCreative aims to use the Hard to Port concept to encourage clients to develop a commercial bottle blow modeled with the same level of detail.


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