New labels created by Schreiner MediPharm could prompt drug makers to adopt plastic pharmaceutical packaging instead of glass. The company claims its labels help prevent package-to-product migration, in which substances from the outside of the package – solvents, inks, adhesives and film materials – penetrate plastic containers to contaminate the medication within.

Schreiner’s new low-migration labels are designed for use with plastic containers such as those used in pharmaceutical packaging. The company reported it is capable of creating low-migration label solutions for each application, without manufacturers having to put in extra effort or expense.

Gene Dul, president of Schreiner MediPharm U.S., said:

“[The labels] can increase the likelihood of a smooth approval process from drug administration authorities, which can lead to a shorter overall time to market.”

The new labels use qualified adhesive systems, inks and materials, the company reported.


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