In the midst of the new GMO labeling bill controversy, one company is taking the opposite approach of slapping a GMO warning label on their food packaging. California’s La Tortilla Factory is rolling out four non-GMO versions of its popular tortillas and wraps, including a non-GMO low carb tortilla – a first of it’s kind. Further, rather than having to post a GMO warning on their packaging, La Tortilla will be making customers aware of their Non-GMO options, but posting GMO-Free labels on their packaging.

“More than ever, consumers are choosing fresher, simpler foods,” explained Chief Innovation Officer Sam Tamayo. “We really heard them when they said they want fewer, healthier ingredients.”

“Our competitors use ingredients like bleached flour, interesterified fats, artificial sweeteners and chemical dough conditioners,” added Tomayo. “We know that today’s consumers don’t want these things in their food, so we made a conscious choice to move away from those kinds of processes and ingredients.”

La Tortilla’s new line of GMO-free tortillas and wraps hit the market this month with a new look, including revamped packaging. This line includes the aforementioned GMO-free update to their already popular low carb tortillas, traditional Non-GMO Tortillas, Non-GMO wraps and Organic Non-GMO Tortillas. Updates to their tortilla line include large and original size Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas and Low Carb Flour Tortillas in soft taco size. New products will include the Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortilla in fajita size and Low Carb Flour Tortillas in fajita and burrito sizes. There will also be five new GMO-Free wraps, including a Power Greens Wrap, a Tomato Basil Wrap, a Traditional Flour Wrap and Whole Wheat Wrap.

These new product lines are aimed to lure shoppers who are looking for authentic, familiar ingredients and reflect La Tortilla’s desire to focus on putting fresher and more natural products in the marketplace.


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