Kraft Heinz, the global food company, recently announced its commitment to sustainability, sharing its plans to make all of its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. The company is also focused on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

“We regularly run a materiality analysis that helps us identify, prioritize and rank the topics of greatest importance to both our stakeholders and our business,” says Caroline Karjewski, head of global corporate reputation, corporate affairs and The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation. “Packaging sustainability is one of our world’s biggest environmental concerns and the topic continues to rise in importance to both our stakeholders and our business.”

Though the company hasn’t yet figured out the specifics as to how they’ll reach their goals, they look “forward to building and executing a successful strategy over the next seven years,” Karjewski explains.

To date, Heinz has already made progress on packaging sustainability. For example, the company’s eight-ounce Kraft Easy Mac Cups were recently redesigned to be more environmentally friendly.

“An optimized carton design and production shift aims to reduce secondary packaging material by nearly two million pounds per year,” Krajewski says.

How will Heinz reach its 2025 goal?

“We will partner with packaging experts, organizations and coalitions to explore technical, end-of-life and infrastructure solutions,” Krajewski continues. “We are already collaborating with Environmental Packaging International for consulting, tracking and other specialist services in the packaging space.”

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Time will tell if the company’s efforts pay off. They plan to release a more comprehensive outline of their strategy sometime next year. For more information, head over to FoodIngredientsFirst.

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