Unilever has redesigned its Klondike Kones ice cream packaging in an effort to reclaim lost market share. Recognizing packaging as the opportunity to take back its territory in the frozen treat category, Unilever asked White Plains, New York-based Little Big Brands (LBB) to refresh the design.

According to LBB partner Pamela Long, the team focused on maximizing shelf-appeal and emphasizing the product’s unique flavors. To do this, the designers turned to custom photography—a technique used by Klondike competitors.

Long identified the main design differences on the new ice cream packaging:

• The sub-brand ‘Klondike Kones’ now appears on the packaging, highlighted in cyan.
• The Klondike brand name appears at the top of the carton.
• The top of the cones can be seen.
• The new cyan blue sky adds contrast to the cold, dark blue landscape.
• One of the side panels—formerly containing nutritional information—now features a list of ingredients.

According to Leslie Miller, senior brand manager, Unilever, the redesign has resulted in higher Kones sales. “So far, Kones are up more than +10 percent in 2015, driven greatly by the new design,” she reported.

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/packaging-design/klondike-kones-redesign-reclaims-frozen-territory1511

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