Oceanside, California-based LonoLife has redesigned the visual packaging for its broth K-Cups. Minneapolis-based design consultancy Ideas that Kick helped the company reposition the brand as a strong competitor in the soup category.

The new packaging features photography of active people, leveraging the product as a healthy and wholesome choice. Copy highlights the difference between LonoLife’s products and those of bigger soup companies. According to the broth company, its products have less sodium and more nutritional value.

Ideas that Kick executive creative director Stefan Hartung said:

“Campbell’s launch of K-cup soups has allowed us to enter the market as a new player in an already formed category, rather than teach the consumer how to use the Keurig machine for broths. A great advantage for us as it allows LonoLife to speak directly to the consumer’s heart. …Millennials aren’t sentimental about old brands. They respond to brands with something to say—something they can aspire to and believe in.”

LonoLife currently offers five K-Cup broth varieties, with several more set to launch.

Progresso also recently released new visual packaging for its line of cooking stocks. Like Lonolife’s packaging, Progresso designed the packaging to demonstrate brand differentiation and superiority over competition.

h/t: http://www.brandpackaging.com/articles/85274-challenger-soup-brand-to-become-a-contender-with-new-packaging

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