Boulder, Colo.-based NextFoods partnered with advertising agency LRXD to create a new packaging design for its GoodBelly probiotic-infused juice line. Initially sold exclusively in health stores, the product’s packaging needed reprioritization before its expansion into conventional supermarkets. LRXD employed consumer research, data-driven analysis and focus groups to create new packaging designed to appeal to mass-market consumers.

The research indicated a major issue with the original packaging—consumers could not identify the product as a juice. To remedy this, the word “Probiotics,”—the main focus of the old package—was replaced with the term “Probiotic Juice Drink.” LRDX also incorporated larger photos of the juices’ ingredients into the design.

“Small, static pictures of produce and juice glasses were swapped for cornucopias of fruits and vegetables that appear to burst off the boxes,” said LRXD CEO Kelly Reedy.

LRXD’s research also showed that consumers were turned off by the original packaging’s emphasis on digestive tract health. Reedy said that this message interfered with advertising the product’s flavor. Along with downplaying the term “Probiotics,” they dropped the original tagline—“Juice drink for daily digestive health”. The replacement tagline, “Drink daily for healthy digestion,” runs in smaller font across the top of the GoodBelly name.


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