No, they’re not just Messin’ With Sasquatch, Jack Link’s has announced plans to change the recipe to their highly successful beef jerky line in the UK market, and to commemorate the recipe change, they’ll be updating their packaging artwork as well.

The recipe changes come with their four 100% beef options, original, teriyaki, peppered beef and sweet and hot, which now come with no added MSG or artificial colors and all natural spices. This recipe improvement is aimed largely at maintaining a high amount of protein in Jack Link’s brand beef jerky. The corresponding packaging changes are an effort to gain Jack Link’s a more prominent role on the retail shelf.

Jack Link’s Senior Marketer Pavan Chandra explained; “With consumers becoming increasingly conscious about their health, they can now enjoy the great taste of premium lean beef with the knowledge that it’s a great source of protein.”

Chandra added, “Updating our packaging in line with the new recipe has really boosted the promotion of the product and highlighted its benefits while ensuring it stands out on shelf.”

Available in 25g packs, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is currently stocked by Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda, but looks to further its presence in the ambient meat industry, hence it’s 2014 acquisition of Peperami.



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