A consortium of Italian packaging industry groups introduced a responsible packaging charter at the recent Ipack-Ima in Milan, Italy. The charter puts forth a set of shared principles around the conscientious design, production and use of packaging.

The consortium included Italian packaging trade publisher Edizioni Dativo SRL, the Italian Institute of Packaging, Ipack-Ima and packaging suppliers SIT Group, Sun Chemical and BoxMarche.

The charter states:

“The Ethical Packaging Charter wishes to be a tool of commitment, a set of shared principles to help accompany packaging towards a future of greater awareness. The Ethical Packaging Charter wishes to associate duties and rights, that bind the moment of production to that of use and consumption: an ideal contract for the system’s stakeholders, so that they might commit themselves to a set of shared principles and by making this choice public.”

The charter contains 10 common principles for conscientious packaging design: responsible, balanced, safe, accessible, transparent, informative, up-to-date, forward-looking, educative and sustainable. These guidelines served as the criteria for the 2015 Packaging Oscars awards, also presented at Ipack-Ima.

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/sustainability/corporate-social-responsibility/italian-packaging-consortium-launches-responsible

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