The Infinite Monkey Theorem has teamed up with Whole Foods Markets to sell its wine in portable and innovative packaging — single-serve aluminum cans.

The Denver-based winery said it started using cans because they are portable, unbreakable and prevent light and other factors from contaminating the wine. Cans are sustainable and recyclable, the company added.

The winery’s “drink anywhere” products follow the current single-serve wine trend in the industry. Products like ZIPZ, the Sileni Nano and the Infinite Monkey Theorem cans encourage consumers to carry and drink wine in places where they cannot bring traditional wine bottles.

Infinite Monkey Theorem CEO Ben Parsons said:

“The Infinite Monkey Theorem is thrilled to make our wines available to Whole Foods Market customers across the country through this partnership, introducing them to the convenience of single-serve wine that may be enjoyed wherever and whenever. Not all can sizes are created equal. Our one-of-a-kind single-serve can breaks with tradition and offers wine lovers a quality product with the convenience of a lightweight and portable pack-in/pack-out vessel that can go in a backpack for a fall hike or in a cooler for tailgating season.”

The four-packs of canned wine come in four varieties—white, red, rosé and Moscato.


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