Cuvée Coffee has leveraged innovative packaging technology for its canned nitrogenized coffee product, Black & Blue.

Black & Blue comes in a Ball 375-mL aluminum widget can. The widget holds nitrogen gas, which enters the coffee when the consumer opens the can. This packaging technology delivers coffee with a foamy head as if it came straight from the tap.

Mike McKim, founder and CEO of the Spicewood, Texas-based company said, “…I love all the advantages that cans bring to the table for premium beverages.” The Can Manufacturers Institute — which recently launched a campaign promoting the aluminum can as the best choice for beverage packaging — identified four categories of can benefits: product taste, innovation, performance and sustainability.

An Austin, Texas-based artist and Rashelle McKim — McKim’s wife and Controller at Cuvée — designed the can’s graphics. A Normal Rockwell painting inspired the can’s illustration of a 1950’s boy with a black eye and stars circling his head.

In 2015 Black & Blue won BevNET’s Best of 2015 Award for Best Packaging Innovation of the Year. BevNet said, “It’s really the first time in ‘third-wave coffee’ where a shelf-stable format is truly a straight replica of something you’d buy in the shop.”

A craft beer enthusiast, McKim said that he had always wanted his coffee to come in cans, “for all the same reasons that the craft beer industry has adopted them.” Aluminium cans continue to be a popular choice for premium beverages. Last year, Saltwater Brewery announced a canned version of its Screamin’ Reels IPA — the first canned product from the company.


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