“We are not amused,” an angry senior wrote in a letter to the packaging industry at large published in Packaging Digest. Triggering her emotions were “pop-top soup cans, bubble packaging that requires a hacksaw,” “zip ties or twisty ties” and bottles with “teeny-tiny” pull tabs.

She wrote:

“Let’s be reasonable. I have a dozen of cuts on my hands from attempting to open various types of packages. When I give my grandchildren any gifts with the zip-ties or twisty ties, I first open the packaging up and I wrap the item loosely so my grandchildren don’t break the toy trying to get it out.”

Her answer? Recruit senior citizens to design innovative packaging solutions. The older demographic won’t buy products they can’t easily open, she wrote.

Many seniors would gladly volunteer to provide feedback, Packaging Digest’s Lisa McTigue Pierce noted.

She wrote:

“Another couple more years and I’ll volunteer myself.”

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/packaging-design/seniors-are-not-amused-obnoxious-packaging

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