PaperWorks Industries, Inc. has launched ClubStak™, an innovative packaging solution positioned as an alternative to corrugated.

ClubStak consists of an outer carton made from recycled paperboard and a custom-chosen paper-based internal liner. According to the Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania-based company, the liner material strengthens the structure of the carton, creating a strong, rigid and stackable package. ClubStak has many of the same properties as corrugated, but PaperWorks points to a unique advantage of the folding carton—the ability to display high-quality graphics.

Director of Packaging Business Development David Gray said:

“Quality and value are the cornerstones of the ClubStak solution. In most cases PaperWorks can develop a customized solution that uses less material, looks better on-shelf, and offers a lower total cost while meeting the retailers’ performance requirements. The advantage of partnering with PaperWorks is our knowledge and expertise in consumer preferences, materials and package design. This frequently translates into improved economics.”

According to the company, ClubStak’s structure can be web or sheet-fed printed using offset or lithography, and the innovative packaging solution can support film laminations, holograms, foil stamping, specialty inks and high-gloss coatings. PaperWorks also offers value-added display features for the carton, including handles, tear strips and dispensing spouts.


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