Ardagh Group and students from the Dutch University of Twente teamed up to create innovative packaging for ready-to-eat fondue. Recently, Swiss dairy producer Emmi commercially released the end result: the All In One Fondü kit.

The fondue kit includes a recyclable bowl, pot stand and ready-to-eat cheese fondue.

Ardagh tested food-safe lacquers on the metal bowl at its R&D center in Crosmieres, France. According to Woep Möller, Chief Commercial Officer, Ardagh Group, Metal, the company added its patented printed Easy Peel aluminum opening to the bowl for convenience.

Emmi Group’s Marcel Zbinden, Global Category Head Specialty Cheese, said:

“Convenience and quick preparation have become a more and more important trend. The All In One Fondü, with a metal bowl and ready-to-eat cheese fondue made of real Swiss cheeses, has simplified the preparation of this popular dish and is a perfect combination for a quick, easy, and delicious cheese fondue at any time. Furthermore, it helps those who have no experience in cheese fondue to understand that they get more than just a cheese sauce with this. In other words: We’re selling a concept, not only a product.”

As Zbinden said, convenience and quick meal preparation have become important trends. Next Level Fresh released individual ears of corn wrapped in microwaveable film pouches. Nissin Foods updated its Cup Noodles product to include space for natural ingredients, leveraging a healthier take on the convenient, microwaveable meal.


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