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According to a new report by market research publisher Packaged Facts, innovative packaging designs can drive sales of certain pet products. The report found that packaging is one of the most influential trends affecting the category, due to the link between packaging and consumer satisfaction.

These innovations include new kinds of closures and compostable packaging. The report also said that strong sales of a certain brand will often result in other brands adopting a similar style of packaging. The report said that this happens with premium and super-premium pet foods the most often because these categories typically incorporate new packaging as part of a brand refresh.

The report said that when it comes to pet food, consumers consistently want re-sealable and easy-to-open closure systems. They also want better labeling for pet foods and treats, which the report describes as a “definite crossover from similar concerns with human foods and beverages.” Convenience also plays a significant role in the category—resulting in innovations like handles on larger pet food packaging, single serving portion sizes packaged with a serving tray and foods and treats designed for travel.

Innovative packaging trends can be seen in pet food packages that we have covered. Recommended for pet food packaging applications, Mondi’s “Flat Bottom Bag” can be fitted with a variety of closures to make it re-sealable. Fruitable Pet Food created a flexible, flat-bottom bag with a re-sealable Velcro zipper for its line of BioActive Fresh Mouth pet snacks.


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