Spectracide has developed an innovative packaging design for its Bug Stop Home Barrier AccuShot Sprayer. According to its packaging, the battery-powered pesticide sprayer offers a continuous spray and precise application.

A review on Packaging Digest noted the sprayer’s ease of use. One press of the trigger delivers a continuous spray of the product. The sprayer wand extends to keep the spray away from the user. In fact, the reviewer considered this feature a safety improvement as it extends about a foot further than traditional sprayers. He also pointed out that he could apply the pesticide with more precision than if he had used a basic hand sprayer.

As David Luttenberger pointed out in one of our features, consumers rave about functional packaging that yields greater convenience. AccuShot’s packaging prominently displays the functional claims, “Continuous Power Sprayer,” “Just Aim & Spray” and “Extendable Wand for Accuracy.”

Spectracide touts its innovative packaging design as a selling point to consumers, calling out the AccuShot as ‘New.’ As Luttenberger recommended, calling attention to innovative packaging features allows a product to differentiate itself.

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/rigid-containers/accushot-powered-sprayer-makes-pest-control-breeze1508

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