Belle Glade, Fla.-based Next Level Fresh LLC has launched an innovative packaging design for its premium, non-GMO Fresh Life Harvest Whole Ear Gourmet Sweet Corn. Each ear of corn is individually wrapped in a microwavable film pouch. The packaging also features a branded paperboard carton with a window to display the ears.

Daniel Whittles, managing partner at Next Level Fresh, said that the single-ear approach is intended to tap into the market for fresh produce snacks. He explained that the product targets a younger demographic because “they [40-and-younger shoppers] love the safety of hand-selected and packed fresh products. They love things that are hip, upscale and offer a high-quality fresh-food eating experience and which provide a superior overall value as a complete snack.”

According to Whittles, the film used to wrap the ears is, “…a high-tech, laminated film engineered to provide perfect storage conditions for fully shucked, fresh sweet corn; work like magic in the microwave; and store the corn in perfect conditions for at least 14 days.”

The package’s graphics indicate that the ears of corn are microwaveable and ready to cook. A packet of Tajin seasoning—a blend of Mexican chilies, lime juice and sea salt—is included in each package. Each package is assembled to order, Whittles said.


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