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Findings from a new Sonoco survey reveal that the pharmaceutical packaging industry has certain needs and desires that aren’t being met in the realm of temperature-sensitive healthcare products.
The study, “Assessing the Future of the Cold Chain Industry,” specifically addresses the costs of packaging, transporting, and monitoring such products—$8.4 billion in all. It found that industry leaders seek improvement in packaging efficiency and cost as well as availability. Future trends predicted by respondents include an increase in the re-use of passive packaging, if it became economically viable. Improved package efficiency, total cost of ownership, and price were the top three areas in passive temperature-controlled packaging in most need of improvement. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) glossary, passive systems are, “Systems which maintain a temperature-controlled environment inside an insulated enclosure, with or without thermostatic regulation, using a finite amount of preconditioned coolant in the form of chilled or frozen gel packs, phase-change materials, dry ice, or others.”


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