How important is Packaging in marketing a Product?

We all have the wrong idea that packaging is just for protecting our products. After all, what matters is the quality of your product. But if you are moving forward with your business with this mentality, then you are laying the foundation for your failure.


Packaging plays a vital role in the marketing of the product and brand. Numerous studies show that many consumers buy a product based on its packaging. It is found that more than 52% of customers will come back to you only if they are receiving products in premium packaging. With a vast audience measuring the worth of your product and the quality of your brand with the packaging, you should not underestimate the power of product packaging.

If you are still not convinced about the relevance of good packaging, you may read the articles to learn about it. Listed below are the reasons why packaging is important in marketing a product.

Strengthening the Shelf impact

There are plenty of products available in the market that is similar to your product. So, when customer enters this vast product jungle, they might feel overwhelmed. So, from this huge and confusing jungle, how are they going to make their choice? This is where product packaging becomes important. Studies show that more than one-third of customers buy products based on your product packaging.

Product packaging is the first thing that communicates with the audience and is the key to forming opinions. And as we all know the first impression is the last. Therefore, make sure that your packaging stands out from others. Make sure that you do not go for generic packaging as it will look dull.

Convey a message

Product packaging can be used to convey a message to consumers. The front of your packaging, called ‘facing’ is where you can showcase your brand values and grab the attention of the audience. By using this portable billboard wisely, you will be able to stand apart from your competitors.

The message should be precise and impactful. And make sure that the message is memorable and goes straight into the heart of the customers. Also, make sure to be transparent and give complete details of your product, including its price. Make sure that it looks organized and classy.

Better customer experience

When you are providing tailored or customized packaging, it has the power to evoke a positive emotion in the customers. Thus, premium packaging will drive more customers to your product as they will feel special and spoiled when they receive it.

Packaging plays a vital role in marketing today. So, customize your packaging and make them attractive to stand out to your customers and build your brand value.

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