Morinaga America (MA) has announced new candy packaging for its line of Hi-Chew products.

The Japanese candy line now includes a larger, 14-ounce bag—the first product from the company’s new North Carolina production facility, according to Terry Kawabe, MA’s director COO, senior VP. The new bag holds a mixed assortment of individually wrapped candies.

The new packaging features brighter colors and more vivid images of fruit. A new foil material wraps around the stick packages, which also contain individually wrapped candy pieces. Hi-Chew comes in six flavors in the U.S.: Strawberry, Mango, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple and Banana.

MA’s marketing manager Jennifer Moling said:

“These redesigned packages are a big step forward for Hi-Chew. Of course our challenges include how to stand out on shelves, and present a cohesive image that communicates what the Hi-Chew product and brand are all about. New materials deliver a much brighter, shinier, eye-catching look. We are emphasizing fresh fruit images, an enhanced logo, and, for those who haven’t tried Hi-Chew before, a more descriptive tagline: ‘Sensationally Chewy Fruit Candy.’”

Top convenience store distributor Harold Levinson Associates (HLA) recently honored Morinaga as “Confectionery Vendor of the Year 2015.”

Using images to highlight ingredients and stand out on shelves seems to be a trend for food packaging. Recently, Unilever added custom photography to emphasize its Klondike Kone product’s flavors and ingredients. Nonni’s Biscotti also redesigned its packaging to emphasize its products’ ingredients, which include almonds, dark chocolate and caramel.


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